Best in Show Overall TELLSTAR

Crew: Jack Gorman, Jaimey O'Leary & Jake Archibald

Crew: Jack Gorman, Jaimey O'Leary & Jake Archibald The crew aboard 77' TELLSTAR walked away with the Best in Show award for this year. Judges of the Best Yacht in Show contest remain anonymous throughout the event. They take into consideration the whole spectrum of qualities that make a yacht and crew a winning charter combination.

Best in Show Awardees
Award Vessel Crew
Winner Best in Show Tellstar Jack Gorman, Jaimey O'Leary, Jake Archibald
Best Multihull under 56' Azuria Mark & Sally Duncan
Runner up Best Multihull under 56' Nutmeg John & Max White
Best Multihull over 56' Port to Vino Jeff & Caitlyn Nichols
Runner up Best Multihull over 56' Altesse Stefan Huebbe & Chloe Chand
Best Motor Yacht Angel Eyes Darrel Hearne, Jenn Hart, Jenny Gulland, Remi Leclioz
Runner up Best Motor Yacht Sea Boss Nathan & Laura Kurton

Best Dish Overall

Nia Mora aboard Jan's Felion

This year's top culinary prize goes to Nia Mora aboard 64' Motor Yacht Jan's FeLion. Nia's combined passion for food, travel and photography helped her take first place in the contest which was sponsored by Moet & Chandon distributed by Caribbean Cellars. "Under the Sea" was the 2019 theme.

Culinary Contest Awardees
Award Chef Yacht
Winner Best Appetizer Fabiola Hirschhorn Luna
Runner up Best Appetizer Philippa King Mystic Soul
Winner Best Lunch Entree Nia Mora Jan's FeLion
Runner up Best Lunch Entree Ed Stacey Zingara
Best Dessert Hannah Staddon Mucho Gusto
Runner up Best Dessert Vernice Simon Felicia
Best Dish Overall Nia Mora Jan's FeLion
Designer Water Contest by CYBA
Award Yacht Contestant
Winner Best Designer Water Mucho Gusto Hannah Staddon
Runner up One Net Nick Ryan
3rd Place Elysium Stefanie Hansen
Cocktail Blending Contest Awardees
Award Yacht Bartender
Winner Best Cocktail Luna Nim Hirschhorn
Runner up Sta Ana Maya Soueidi
3rd Place Grande Dame Ed Rowe