Culinary Contest

Theme: "Discover Plants: Eat Vegan". Ramp up your score by being a locavore. Support local farmers.

Registration for the Culinary Contest to be held on November 8 is now open and the deadline for participants is November 7th while space is available.

To register login in with your username and password for your yacht or create a new account with your personal email address and password. Select the CULINARY tab at the top of the page once you are logged in.

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How it is done

Chefs will be given presentation time by 5:00 pm the day prior to the contest by coordinator, Jan Robinson. Preparation and cooking should be done by the chef.

The chef should present two individual dishes: one plate for judges to taste (4 forks) and one for photography purposes.

Each dish should be accompanied by a card with the name of the yacht, name of the chef, name of the entry, a list of ingredients and a brief description of the recipe.

Judging criteria

Presentation, Taste/Flavour, Creativity/Originality, Plant based ingredients, execution/technique, use of fresh local produce, and overall impression.