Part of the overall experience of a crewed charter yacht is tasting the fantastic array of international dishes prepared daily by your host. It makes going home at the end of the week all the more difficult.  Whilst most dietary requirements can be met,  it is best to ask in advance of booking.    

We have published 2 cookbooks which contain the recipes of dishes served by CYS member chefs on board their yachts.

Buyer beware, once you have tasted these dishes you won't be able to resist the urge to book a crewed yacht vacation in paradise.

Email Us to order your copy. $12.50 per book or 2 for $23. Shipping to the US: $2.50 per book

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Available Locally At:

    • Anegada Beach Club (Anegada)
    • Allamanda Gallery (Tortola Pier Park)
    • Nook BVI (Road Town)
    • Island Roots (Nanny Cay)

While on the topic of recipes, check out the recipes for Designer Waters created by charter crews aboard yachts. Water has never tasted so good with these winning water recipes.