Best in Show Overall FOXY LADY

Crew: Jason Van Groen, Tayla Willows & Kate Fairfield

The crew aboard Foxy Lady walked away with the Best in Show award for the second year in a row; a first since the award contest was started over 14 years ago. Judges of the Best Yacht in Show contest remain anonymous throughout the event. They take into consideration the whole spectrum of qualities that make a yacht and crew a winning charter combination.

Interested persons may learn more about this winning combination on their website.

Best in Show Awardees
Award Vessel Crew
Winner Best in Show Foxy Lady Jason Van Groen, Kate Fairfield & Tayla Willows
Best Multihull under 57' A3 William Garnier & Kim Stoklasa
Runner up Best Multihull under 57' Gambit Doug & Val Fairfield
Best Multihull over 57' Nenne Donald & Audrey Harper and Dennis Roberts
Runner up Best Multihull over 57' Port to Vino Jeff & Caitlin Nichols
Best Motor Yacht Tucana Mike Jones & Amy Briggs
Runner up Best Motor Yacht Jan's Felion Kirk Robinson & Nia More

Best Dish Overall

Khalila Bartley aboard Laurel Lee

At the Culinary Contest sponsored by Veuve Clicquot, recent graduate of the Ashburton Chef’s Academy, Khalila Bartley, took top prize. The eating habits of charter guests have changed dramatically since the early days of chartering.

Chefs must be able to accommodate the variety of lifestyle disciplines adopted by their guests. With that in mind, this year’s theme was “Discover Plants: Eat Vegan”.

Culinary Contest Awardees
Award Vessel Crew
Winner Best Appetizer Laurel Lee Khalila Bartley
Runner up Best Appetizer Twin Laura Kurton
Winner Best Lunch Entree Second Star Leah Wheeler
Runner up Best Lunch Entree Foxy Lady Kate Fairfield
Best Dessert Laurel Lee Khalila Bartley
Runner up Best Dessert Zingara Leanne Ho Chung
Best Dish Overall Laurel Lee Khalila Bartley