2021 Spring Charter Show

We couldn’t be prouder to announce the BVI currently has ZERO Covid cases. And almost all of our charter crews have had at least one of their two vaccinations. Yet, we recognize this is not the story for much of the world and certainly not where most of our brokers reside. For that reason our 2021 Spring Show – May 12th – 13th - will be a hybrid show this year. It will be a combination of real time and virtual at our host venue Nanny Cay Resort and Marina.

BOATS AND CREWS IN THE BVI: Nanny Cay is offering FREE dockage (utilities excepted) effective between 10th May - 14th May. See details below in General Information for Yachts on Docks

CREWS ELSEWHERE: If you would like to participate, whether aboard your yacht or not, you can do so. Everyone is welcome regardless of where you are located at the time of the show. Refer to details below in How it Works.

WHO CAN SIGN UP: The show is open to all term charter crewed yachts. You do not need to be CYS member to attend, although members do enjoy year round benefits as well as a discounted show. Be sure to check out the benefits.

NEW! ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP for non BVI based charter yachts. It is affordable and it is easy. You can join at the same time as registering for the show. Check out our Member Benefits page. Prices for show registration and membership are detailed below under YACHT REGISTRATION

BROKERS: Brokers will be able to log into the show no matter where they are. They can catch crew livestreaming or watch pre-recorded reel. Facetime with the crew will be made possible with additional opportunities to have one on one. BVI based brokers will be able to visit participating yachts on the docks. Refer to details below in How it Works

VENDORS: We will be hosting a scaled down version of our traditional Vendor’s Night on Tuesday May 11th. Booth space will be available for businesses wanting to engage one on one with locally based crews. Those attending virtually will also be able to “visit” the booths, see the display and meet the staff. Stay tuned for more information.

As the Sailing Capital of the World our waters remain azure blue and an average temperature of 80 degrees fahrenheit. The trade winds blow predictably and steadily year round. So much has changed this year but our destination has not.

EVERYONE: Things are looking up. Charter guests are loving the BVI while the marine traffic is quiet and anchorages secluded. Want to secure your spot now before the rush? We are offering a 20% discount on the show fee if paid in full by April 1st. Registration is open!

Crews and their boats

  • Whether you are in the BVI or not, onboard your boat or not, you can be a part of the show.
  • Once you are registered each crew will be given a time window in which their live stream or pre-recorded video will be aired. They will then be able to entertain live broker questions in a host led meeting. We will give you recommendations & helpful hints to create the optimum show reel, whether live or pre recorded, nearer the time.
  • You will be given a link to access the “meeting room” where brokers will be congregating after your featured presentation. Brokers will engage with you and be given the opportunity to set up a one-on-one meeting at a later time.
  • There will be side “events” which local & distant crews and brokers will be encouraged to attend and will create a boatshow feel despite the distance.

NOTE: Due to the nature of a virtual show registration for boats will have to close on 5th May.


  • Registered brokers will be given a personal password to enter the inner sanctum of the dedicated event website
  • Each boat will have a portal and a featured time slot for the release of their pre-recorded promo reel or their live stream.
  • Live Q&A will be time restricted but lead by a Host to make the most of this arena.
  • A contact form will be included at each portal enabling brokers to set up a subsequent one-on-one meeting with crews.
  • There will be side “events” which will create a boatshow feel despite the distance
  • Show viewing dates May 12th and 13th 2021
  • Coordinator: Janet Oliver 284-494-6017 / 284-346-2739 [email protected]
  • Host venue: Nanny Cay Resort and Marina
  • Dockmaster: Justin Smit Marina Office**: 284-394-2512 or VHF Channel 16/68 Email: [email protected]

**NOTE: CYS submits the list of all registered yachts and yacht details to the marina. There is NO NEED to call the marina to reserve your own spot.

Whether participating in the virtual aspect of the show or on the dock, the prices are the same. Neither situation is superior or inferior to the other. In fact, they each have their own unique benefits.

  • CYS Member Yacht: $300
  • CYS Associate Member Yacht: $350
  • Non Member Yacht: $500
  • New CYS Member Yacht: 2021 member dues (prorated to 6 months) + $300
  • New CYS Associate Member Yacht: 2021 member dues (prorated to 6 months) + $300
  • We are offering a 20% discount on show fees for registrants prior to April 1st. See table below.

Full CYS Membership is open to BVI based term charter boats with permanent crew aboard. Dues are based on maximum occupancy winter rates. (Not holiday rates)

CYS Associate Membership is available to term charter boats with permanent crew aboard, are foreign based but charter in BVI waters. Must meet Virgin Islands Shipping Registry requirements. Dues are based on maximum occupancy winter rates. (Not holiday rates).

Visit About Us to learn more about Associate Membership.

Take 20% off the show fee if paid by April 1st.

Winter Wkly Rt. Annual Mbr Dues Prorated New Mbr Dues Mbr Show Fee Assoc. Mbr. Show Fee Non Mbr Show Fees
0 - $10,000 $300 150 $300 $350 $500
$10,001 - $20,000 $350 175 $300 $350 $500
$20,001-$30,000 $400 200 $300 $350 $500
$30,001 $550 $275 $300 $350 $500

Reminder New member dues are prorated to 6 months.

Yacht Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation must be in writing.
  • Cancellations prior to April 15th receive full refund less $25
  • Cancellations between April 15th and May 3rd receive show fee LESS $100
  • Yachts cancelled after May 3rd NO refund.

Register Now

  • Charter Yacht Broker Registration
  • We are offering a 20% discount for broker registration before April 1st
  • Accredited Brokers: $75 each
  • All other brokers: $100
  • Late registration (after May 5th): add $25
  • Refer to the payment tab for details
  • Want to learn more about becoming an Accredited Broker? In the login section select ACCREDITATION.

New Brokers: In order, to get the most out of the charter yacht show we recommend ALL new brokers complete the New Broker Online Course presented by CYBA (Charter Yacht Broker Association).

The course is designed to give you a thorough knowledge of the yacht charter business, and provide a resource for you to refer back to for guidance as your career evolves.” Are you former, or soon to be former, crew ? Many of the same have completed the course ahead of you and admit they learnt much more than they thought they would.

REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE: regardless of the location of our show, our environmental consciousness remains the same. We discourage the distribution of disposable water bottles at our shows. We will be partnering with Green VI to ensure all parts of our show are conducted with sustainability in mind.

Register Now

As a non-profit organization we try to minimize extra fees wherever possible therefore we prefer payment by cheque, especially from CYS members. Of course, where necessary we will accept credit cards (VISA/MASTERCARD). Brokers can request a PayPal Invoice.

Credit Card Authorization Form: Complete form, scan and return to [email protected] Wire Transfers are also acceptable. Add $15 to cover bank charges.

Wire Transfer Details
Banco Popular de Puerto Rico Ponce de Leon, 301 PDA6
Puerta de Tierra San Juan PR, 00901
ABA# 0215 020 11
For credit to: Charter Yacht Society of the BVI
a/c# 185 304547

Local Mailing Address:
Charter Yacht Society
PO Box 3252
Road Town, Tortola, BVI VG1110
International Mailing Address:
Box 8309 PMB 713
Cruz Bay, St. John  VI 00831

To all Vendors:

We will be hosting a scaled down version of our traditional Vendor's Expo on the evening of the 11th. Located under the Peg Leg tents, we will make space available for companies desiring a physical presence. BYOT (Bring your own table). $100 will buy you space for an 8' table. All social distancing and mask wearing protocols will be respected.

Non exhibiting Vendors:

We understand your desire to market your business to the crews. Our policy is always Broker first.

  • Make yourselves known at the Registration desk.
  • Never interrupt crews engaging with brokers.
  • Never board a boat unless you have been invited.
  • Wear company branding or identification.