The British Virgin Islands, Nature's Little Secret, lie 60 miles east of Puerto Rico at the north eastern curve of the Caribbean chain known as the Leeward Islands.  

The terrain is mostly mountainous with lush green valleys and rolling hills sweeping down to sandy beaches and quiet coves. The population of the BVI is about 30,000 and has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world. Those who make their home in these islands include a mix of  BVIslanders, Caribbean Islanders, Canadians, Americans, British, South Africans, Filipinos and a sprinkling of other nationalities.

Visitors to the BVI will not find high rise hotels or casinos! Instead they find a natural peace and tranquility, compelling geological formations, and a rich cultural history.

The BVI has gained worldwide recognition for its programs and workshops that protect and study the fast-disappearing ecosystems of the Caribbean. The National Parks Trust, among other organizations has been formed to preserve the integrity of our islands above and below the water.

For further information about current events including music and the arts on the island, visit the BVI Tourist Board website.