The Charter Yacht Society (CYS) is a registered non-profit organization which was founded in 1982 by independent owners of crewed charter boats based in the BVI. It is the only BVI government recognized body within the crewed yacht industry. By crews and for crews, the society represents the organized voice of individual BVI based yacht operators and those who charter in our waters. The CYS advocates, educates and promotes.

Members of the Charter Yacht Society of the British Virgin Island provide private cruising vacations to guests from around the world. Its member crews are from a wide variety of backgrounds, both professionally and culturally. Crewed chartering is often a second career and many members have unusual stories to tell.

NEW! Effective July 25th, CYS membership is open to foreign based charter boats provided they meet the legal requirements according to VISR to charter in BVI waters.

The CYS is run by a board of eight full members, elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting. The day to day running of the society is handled by Janet Oliver, the Executive Director, at the office in Road Town (behind Village Cay), under the direction of the board members.

Charter Yacht Society membership generally consists of between 65 to 70. As a result of losses incurred from Hurricane Irma, our membership numbers dipped however they are back on the rise again.

2021 Board of Directors
  • Graham Gips (Chairman)aboard ALLENDE
  • Sally Duncan aboard AZURIA
  • Caitlin Nichols aboard PORT TO VINO
  • Jamie Deehan aboard MY TY
  • Julia Smart aboard FOXY LADY
  • Carlos Andrade aboard ALIZE

Whilst much has changed in the crewed yacht industry since the inception of the CYS, the objectives have remained constant.

Those objectives are:

  • To foster a business climate beneficial to its members consistent with the intelligent development of the charter boat industry and to advance the interests of BVI based vessels while upholding the highest industry standards
  • To promote good relationships between the resident independent crewed charters boats, their crews and the government and people of the BVI.
  • To propagate the observation of the laws of the Territory and respect for its social standards and culture.

According to the Cruising Permit (Amendment) Act, 2017 the BVI government recognizes a home based charter boat as the following:

“home based charter boat” means a charter boat:

  • operating in the *Virgin Islands;
  • generally maintained in the Virgin Islands; and
  • managed by a company or any other legal entity incorporated, registered or licensed in the Virgin Islands,

for a period of five (5) months or more in any twelve month period.”

“foreign based charter boat” means any charter boat other than a home based charter boat;

*Virgin Islands = British Virgin Islands.

Full Membership

CYS membership is open to BVI based term charter yachts operated by permanent crew. The yacht should have a trade license or operate under a company trade license, the crew / owner should be associated with one particular vessel and have work permits (if not BVIslanders or Belongers).

Membership fees are based on maximum occupancy winter rates (not holiday rates):

Charter fee Less than $20,000 $20,001 - $30,000 $30,001 - $40,000 40,001 - upwards
Membership fee $550 $600 $650 $700
NEW!! Associate Membership

As of July 25th 2019, Charter Yacht Society membership is open to any independent term charter yacht operated by permanent crew and based outside the British Virgin Islands. The yacht must meet VISR (Virgin Islands Shipping Registry) requirements, and obtain all requisite documents for chartering when in the BVI as well as meet industry standards.

Associate members cannot vote or serve on the CYS Board however all other benefits in terms of trade discounts, discounted show and industry representation are included.

Membership fees are based on maximum occupancy winter rates (not holiday rates):

Charter fee Less than $20,000 $20,001 - $30,000 $30,001 - $40,000 40,001 - upwards
Membership fee $600 $650 700 $750
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The CYS has gained recognition from the community and BVI government as a group of concerned individuals who contribute significantly to the local economy. Below is a list of Associations of which we are either active members or supporters.