Vendor Registration Fall Charter Yacht Show

2024 Marine Vendor Night Tuesday November 12th

Please complete the following form if you desire a space at this year's Vendor Night. Even if you have already requested a space by email, this form is needed.

Except in the instance of sponsors, or vendors already having received confirmation from us, completing the form does not guarantee a spot. Due to limited space a draft layout will be completed to ensure we do not overcommit.

Details include:

  • When: Tuesday November 12th from 6 pm – 9:00 pm (rain or moonshine)
  • Location: In the vicinity of Peg Legs Tent @ Nanny Cay
  • Set up: 12 pm onwards on the day of the event. All vendors have assigned locations. It is imperative to check in with us before erecting your tent.
  • Space allocations: Whilst we have a sizable area with which to work we do have capacity limits. NOTE: We are committed, firstly, to accommodating sponsors, and then on a first come first serve basis. Single spaces only available.
  • What to bring: “BYOT&T” We’ll draw the crowds, but you'll need to Bring your own *Tent & Table. In the case of the common tent area, we provide the cover however you will need to supply the table. Tables are provided for Sister Island and visiting businesses. Set up under the common tent from 3 pm onwards.
  • *Except in the case of Gold or Platinum Sponsors, tents must be limited to 10’ x 10’
  • Tents will require breeze blocks or sandbags to secure. Tent pegs must be limited due to underground cables.
  • Attendees: We have 55 yachts registered in the show (120 crew) and over 100 charter yacht brokers. Every show attendee should be wearing a "BVI Charter Yacht Show" wrist band.
  • Lights and Power: Yes, power is available. Bring an extension cord and lights if you are under your own tent. Industrial appliances cannot be supported.
  • Can you sell at the event? Absolutely!
  • Weather: What if it rains? We hope for clear skies and anticipate rain. Either one, the show goes on!
  • Clean up: Do not leave trash behind. Be prepared to clean up around your stall. Tents must be removed by noon hour Wednesday.
  • Cost: $150 per single space
  • Payment: Secures your spot
  • Questions: Email [email protected] or call us 284.346.2739