Vendor Registration Fall 2023

2023 Marine Vendor Night Tuesday November 7th

Please complete the following form if you desire a space at this year's Vendor Night. Even if you have already requested a space by email, this form is needed.

Except in the instance of sponsors, or vendors already having received confirmation from us, completing the form does not guarantee a spot. Due to limited space a draft layout will be completed to ensure we do not overcommit.

Details include:

  • When: November 7th from 6 pm – 9:00 pm (rain or moonshine)
  • Location: In the vicinity of Peg Legs Tent @ Nanny Cay
  • Set up: 2 pm onwards. If more time is needed, just let us know.
  • Space allocations: Whilst we have a sizable area with which to work we do have capacity limits. NOTE: We are committed, firstly, to accommodating sponsors, and then on a first come first serve basis. Single spaces only available.
  • What to bring: “BYOT&T” We’ll draw the crowds, but you'll need to Bring your own *Tent & Table. In the case of the common tent area, we provide the cover however you will need to supply the table. Tables will be provided for Sister Island and Visiting Businesses.
  • *Except in the case of Gold or Platinum Sponsors, tents must be limited to 10’ x 10’
  • Tents will require breeze blocks or sandbags to secure. Tent pegs will not be enough.
  • Attendees: We have 60 yachts registered in the show and over 100 charter yacht brokers.
  • Lights and Power: Yes, bring an extension cord and lights if you are under your own tent. Industrial appliances cannot be supported.
  • Can you sell at the event? Absolutely!
  • Weather: What if it rains? We hope for clear skies and anticipate rain. Either one, the show goes on!
  • Cost: $150 per single space
  • Payment: Secures your spot
  • Questions: Email [email protected] or call us 284.346.2739