Our member's livelihood depends on a healthy natural environment both on land and at sea so we are all working towards reducing our carbon footprint. The use of water makers (no more plastic water bottles), solar panels and biodegradable cleaning products are just a few examples of how our members are "going green".

Our Local Environmental Partners

National Parks Trust: National Parks Trust: NPT was established in July 1961 by the Government of the BVI to preserve the natural beauty and historic features of the territory. Whilst NPT oversees numerous onshore parks, it is also responsible for off shore parks such as the Wreck of the Rhone and maintains an extensive mooring buoy system around the islands.

Association of Reef Keepers : A non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and sustainability of our marine resources for the benefit of all future generations. ARK was founded in 1993.

Green VI: Founded in 2008, Green VI is a non profit organization whose aim is to promote waste and resource management in the Virgin Islands.

Green & Clean VI: A Virgin Gorda recycling based company which currently is crushing glass and creating aggregate for multiple, island-wide purposes.

VI Plastics Recycling: Can process all types of plastic materials. Everythis is processed locally. They are helping to create a recycling system in the BVI.

Farmers and Fishermens Market:A gathering of farmers and fishermen selling home grown produce and locally caught fish.